Inspiring Hamida,  Little Girl in The Ruins of Aleppo

In the very cold temperature of minus 4 -2 degrees Celsius, the little girl come without socks, without shoes, event a piece of  footwear.

Tin and olive trees shaped like  a giant broccoli became our sights along the snaking path towards Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria after Damascus, which was also the most dangerous areas. Aid trucks piled at the edge of the street. The houses aid from various NGOs (Non Government Organizations) humanitarian and refugee camps regime victims lined the Syrian-Turkish border, sometime ago when I arrived  there.

Aleppo, the old city with high buildings like shophouses. Bricks adorn the streets. Markets began crowded of activites. Now, Aleppo did’nt like centuries ago. Debris and ruins were visible everywhere. Many houses were destroyed by the blast. The ruins that littered the streets. The streets were blocked rubble. The damage is so great.

Abu Nizam, Humanitarian NGO activists in Syria Saleem Sadeer drove us to saw the condition about this City. Then, we stopped at a school. Just walking out of the car, stepped the first time, the sound of explosions could be heard not far from there. “..Buumm ..”

Abu Nizam glance, raising his shoulders. “This is an example of the sound of the explosion was that we heard,” he said, pointing to the former bomb that fell in a school yard. Army Assad regime is routinely dropping rockets and birmill. Birmill is a large vat containing bombs and large flake irons that if the burst can destroy anything within a radius of 200 meters around.


“Schools in Aleppo entirely were closed and stopped now because of schools has become the target of bombing Bashar Assad’s army,” said Abu Nizam. In addition to a large aperture of the former bomb, there are also former Assad forces shot bullets at the school. After seeing the moment, we continue with a trip to Madrasah Al Fatih is not far from there. Continue reading “Inspiring Hamida,  Little Girl in The Ruins of Aleppo”